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Arginine is a supplement that has been used quite successfully and over the years some unexpected benefits have presented themselves and have been added to the ongoing list. Arginine has to have it's dosage regulated precisely in order to maximize the final beneficial effect. The feeling of better overall health.

Arginine Dosage

Our recommended dosage is based on clinical trials that have used several levels of dosages. We simply chose the dosage that seemed to have the highest number of positive effects and virtually no negative side-effects.

Arginine dosages have yet to be firmly established amongst our competition. The overall research on L-Arginine is still in it's early stages. Some people have varying degrees of L-Arginine needs and levels of deficiency. This makes dosage recommendations difficult. We offer a limited RANGE of dosage recommendations, but the ultimate test is to closely monitor your body's reaction to the dosage level you've chosen. As with most supplements, Please do not exceed this dosing recommendation range unless your healthcare provider specifically tells you it's safe.

Some bothersome side-effects may include stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea. These are the signs that a slightly lower dosage is best. Any signs of breathing problems or any unexplained skin conditions may be an indication of an allergic reaction to L-Arginine and a healthcare professional should be consulted.

Intravenous delivery of L-Arginine has always produced the more serious and potentially damaging side-effects and allergic reactions. Our main goal is to make L-Arginine as safe and easy to take as Vitamins. The oral delivery method just seems to make more sense and even though it's much more subtle than the IV version, we feel better about recommending our products which are safer and whose potential for harm is minimized to it's lowest degree possible by endless research and strict attention to detail.

Your safety and improved health is our top priority.